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Why Buy a New Car – Besides the New Car Smell?

The unboxing of a high-end electronic device, the unhabituated atmosphere of a newly built house, and the rev of the first key turn from your fresh-of-the lot ride – can you put a price on that? Well, you can. A new car is usually more expensive, but the difference is unparalleled. Here are a few benefits on why getting behind the wheel of a new car is a great feeling.

Dealers owe you one

You are doing them a favour by getting their cars off the lot. Dealers are accommodating (to a reasonable point), and they share the same sentiment when they work with you for a vehicle that suits your needs as you do when you drive it off the lot. Their promotions often include incentive & maintenance packages, cash back, or component upgrades, particularly given for new cars overused.

Low rates

Interest rates are at an all-time low. At times, you can see 0% financing. If you have a five-year plan to pay-off your vehicle plus you have no interest rates and your money is going straight to the principal, that’s a real advantage.

Last year’s models

Last year’s models are on the lot. It may not be the latest model, but it’s still a new car. These vehicles are marked down, and if you don’t mind it being a year old, but even get a full warranty, you can get some excellent deals.