Top 5 Common Car Owner Mistakes

Richmond Hill Toyota  - Broken Image

Before driving away off our lot, get your car in gear – the right way. We want your car going the distance with minimal repairs on maximum mileage. Here’s a few common mistakes need to avoid.

1. Immediately driving away

Give your engine 10-15 seconds to get the oil to the critical components and let the RPMs drop. In cold weather – especially during Canadian winters – you should double the wait time.

2. Rev too high before warming up

If you’re always late for work, chances are you’re racing out of the driveway too fast, too soon. Let your engine get to operating temperature before immediately accelerating.

3. Using the wrong type of gas

Putting premium gas in a car that requires regular doesn’t give your car any performance benefit or fuel economy. All octane is, is the measure of how hard it is for the gasoline to explode.

4. Never changing your oil

It’s amazing how often people neglect to go for an oil change. It’s quick, simple, affordable and can avoid long-term damage to your car by doing it every three months.

5. Wait for a professional to inspect a car

Next time your park your car, take a quick walk around and check its essential parts:

  • Tires
  • Headlights, taillights & signals
  • Mirrors

It can save you from getting a ticket and your life.