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Top 5 Car Cleaning Hacks

Car washes are the go-to way for getting your ride like new. Here are OTHER ways you can keep it clean that are cheap and easy.

1.    TOOTHPASTE to clean your headlights

Dirty headlights can make your car look old. Toothpaste does more than making your whites sparkle. Its cleaning properties clean foggy headlights. Layer the toothpaste onto the headlights for a few minutes and then wash it off.

2.    TOOTHBRUSH to clean your dashboard

Another use for dental products. Toothbrushes are a great car cleaning tool that scours the interior’s hard-to-reach areas or cleans with a cloth. Its small head allows you to get into the nooks and crannies, especially on your dashboard. Dashboards typically have lots of knobs, buttons, and dials that are hard to clean. It’s also good on textured materials like armrests and the steering wheel.

3.    Screwdriver for stuck-on stains

Toothbrushes are used to clean the surface and hard-to-reach areas, but sometimes. You need something heavy-duty to clean stubborn stains. A flat-end screwdriver with a thin cloth over it will get all the sticky and seemingly permanent dirt out. It’s important to use this type of screwdriver because it’s the perfect shape to get into small areas and would not work with an Allen wrench or a Phillips' head.

4.    Trashcan for… trash

A trash can in the car is a preventative measure and the easiest tip on the list. Leaving a trashcan or bag in your car will lessen your cleaning time in the future. And don’t pretend you take your garbage with you each time you leave your car – we know that’s not true. 

5.    Wet naps & napkins for emergencies

We can all be a little messy sometimes, and it’s the worst when you spill coffee on the seat. If you have nothing to clean it with, it will make your car sticky and covered in stains. An easy solution is to ensure you have wet naps or napkins in the car. They’re also good for your hands, so you don’t get the rest of your car sticky by touching it.