5 Ways You Can Prepare Your Toyota For Winter!

As members of the GTA we often feel like there are only two seasons in Canada, Construction and Winter! The weather often has a funny way of surprising us with snow flakes when we thought the leaves were just starting to change color.   Although it tends to be short, Fall is here and it is a great time to start prepping your vehicle for Winter. At Richmond Hill Toyota we created a list of our five favorite car care tips.   Read on below to find out more! 


1.) Replace Your Wipers & Top Up Your Washer Fluid! 

Wiper blades have approximately a 6 month lifespan before they start to wear down, although the signs may not be readily availa-ble it is a good idea to have them inspected and replaced. Rain or snow can easily obstruct your vision and become a serious safety hazard. Winter wipers and washer fluid are a quick & easy ways to enhance your vehicles safety this season. 

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2.) Swap your All-Seasons For Winter Tires (& Have Your Alignment Checked!)

Winter tires are designed for Canadian Winters! When the temperature drops below  7°C it is time to swap your tires as Winter tires are designed to channel through slush and improve your stopping distance. The soft rubber allows them to safely grip the icy cold pavement. When swapping your tires a quick alignment check ensures your tires are not prematurely wearing and your vehi-cle is safely headed in the right direction.  


 3.) Wash Every Inch & Deal With Rust

After all of your Summer adventures, the Fall and Winter come with their fair share of trips in your vehicle. All of these trips cause dirt and grime to coat your paint and fill the small spaces around & under your vehicle. If you aren’t regularly washing your vehicle, it is a great idea to give it a deep clean and have your dealership treat any rust spots to prevent the spread and formation of rust. 


4.) Check the Health Of Your Battery 

Colder weather and the steady dip in temperature can place quite the strain on your vehicles battery. We often run our heat, put on our cozy seat-heaters, and our window defrosters to enjoy our daily commute but even a newer battery should be inspected. An inspection ensures your battery is measuring at the proper voltage and the cables are not showing signs of corrosion.   


5.) Update your vehicles Emergency Kit 

You always make sure you have your phone, your wallet, and keys before you head out the door because you like to be prepared! Is your emergency kit prepared as well? If you don’t have one you should! Canadian weather can be unpredictable at the best of times during  Fall and Winter. By having an emergency kit in your vehicle, you can ensure you don’t have to hibernate this year.   

When it comes to getting your Toyota ready, there is no place like Richmond Hill Toyota.   

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