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Prius Hybrid

Seamless acceleration, exceptional passing performance, and Electronic Power Steering that puts control firmly in the driver's hands—the 2016 Prius serves up fun and functionality in equal measure. The 3rd generation Hybrid Synergy Drive is completely beltless—even boasting an Electric Water Pump. The benefits: a reduction in mechanical energy loss and lower maintenance costs than traditional belted engines. Tailor-made for the Canadian climate. The system transfers heat from the exhaust to the engine coolant, which in turn warms the engine oil — improving start-up efficiency and fuel efficiency in winter conditions by allowing the gas engine to shut off more frequently and for longer periods of time. Another "wow" that sets Prius apart is the available Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (Technology Package), which maintains a pre-set distance between Prius and a preceding vehicle — eliminating the need to continually speed up or slow down.

Prius C Hybrid

From the dynamic front end with Projector Style Halogen Headlights to the Rear Spoiler and sculpted Rear Flares, Prius c cuts one sharp figure. Clean curves and crisp character lines combine to forge a unique "fun-to-drive" personality—backed up by Prius c's advanced drivetrain and engaging driving dynamics. Quick, agile and responsive, Prius c serves up control and joy in equal measure. Powered by Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive, the most advanced hybrid system on the road, and the only one in the subcompact segment*. Prius c gets you from A to B using a fraction of the fuel while leaving little sign of its passing. Fun-to-drive meets fuel efficiency to create the ideal city vehicle. Thanks to its Hybrid Synergy Drive, Prius c is quick off the mark, smooth during acceleration, and incredibly quiet. The low centre of gravity design and 4.8 meter turning radius combine to deliver agile and responsive handling, and the ability to park where other vehicles fear to tread. Prius c boasts Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive—the world's most proven hybrid technology. The system combines an advanced 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder, Atkinson Cycle Gas Engine with a powerful Electric Motor and a Continuously Variable Transmission, specially adapted to Prius c's smaller platform.

Prius V Hybrid

Fuel efficiency, low emissions and terrific acceleration don't usually appear in the same sentence – except when talking about Prius v. With a combined fuel efficiency rating of 4.5L/100km, the Prius v more than earns its Tier 2 Bin 3 Emission Rating while ensuring you get where you need to go in plenty of time. Prius v is powered by Toyota's 3rd generation Hybrid Synergy Drive system putting out a combined 134 horsepower. For Prius v, HSD has been fine-tuned to improve highway and winter fuel efficiency. This includes optimized engine start/stop and Exhaust Heat Recovery for an 8.6% improvement in fuel consumption. Prius v engine performance has been enhanced through a series of small steps including: diagonal squish combustion chamber for improved combustion, thin and long reach ignition plug for better anti-knocking, resin intake manifold, and standing oil jet for piston cooling. Intelligent Parking Assist, available with the Touring + Technology Package, simplifies parking. All you do is set the parking area on the Back Monitor Display, ensure there are no obstructions and work the brakes – and let the vehicle steer itself.** Comes with two parking modes: parallel and garage.

Prius Plug-in Hybrid

With Prius Plug-in you never have to worry about having the power to get where you're going – and back again. Unlike electric-only vehicles that run out of power when they run out of charge, Prius Plug-in fuses Toyota's renowned Hybrid Synergy Drive with state-of-the-art plug-in technology. When the battery runs low, the vehicle automatically switches over to hybrid mode, with its ability to run on gas-only, electric-only or a more powerful and seamless combination of both. Prius Plug-in features a new-type of high capacity Lithium-ion Battery that, when fully charged, provides the capability to travel up to 25 KM in city driving – meaning typical Canadian commuter ranges can be made without using a drop of gas. The Prius Plug-in is also capable of driving on electric power alone (or EV mode) up to 100 kilometres per hour* – and totally emissions-free. Depending on the distance you commute every day, it could be weeks and thousands of kilometres between fill-ups. Three hours. That's all it takes to fully recharge Prius Plug-in's battery from a standard 120 volt outlet; and about half that time on a dedicated 240 volt Charging Station. That's significantly shorter than any other plug-in or EV on the market today. Equally powerful, Prius Plug-in can be charged any time and anywhere with no special equipment required.

Camry Hybrid

The best compliment you can give a hybrid is: “It drives like a conventional car.” The dynamically engineered rear underbody, rear suspension, and Electric Power Steering culminate to provide stable, quick, and agile performance and an incredible driver-experience. The 2016 Camry Hybrid truly deserves its “non-hybrid hybrid” moniker. With the flip of an EV Drive Mode switch, the Camry Hybrid can be driven short distances at low speeds using the electric motor only. Not only does this save on gas but it also reduces noise in residential areas late at night and lowers emissions in indoor parking spaces. Driving in ECO Mode further saves on fuel by controlling both air-conditioning and accelerator pedal power output. The 2016 Camry Hybrid does more with less. Boasting a low vehicle weight, low-rolling resistance tires, a highly efficient electric water pump and A/C compressor, and A/C humidity sensor, the ecologically and economically conscious design reduces power consumption and increases the time between fill ups.

Highlander Hybrid

Highlander Hybrid is powered by Toyota's technologically advanced and environmentally-friendly Hybrid Synergy Drive. The system combines a powerful 3.5 Litre V6 engine with a highly efficient high-speed electric motor, all mated to an electronically controlled variable transmission that seamlessly blends both sources of motive force. The result: peak combined net horsepower of 280. In true Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive fashion, gains in power don't cost extra at the pump. At 8.5 litres per 100 km* (combined city and highway), Highlander Hybrid operates with the fuel economy of a 4-cylinder compact sedan. Both Hybrid models arrive with a towing prep package that includes a Large Radiator, Transmission Oil Cooler, Heavy Duty Battery and Towing Wire Harness, to take full advantage of the vehicle’s 1,587 kg (3,500 lb) towing capacity.